Saturday, September 10, 2011

Update on Doug Daniele Memorial Ride

The course for the Doug Daniele Memorial Ride on Sept. 11 has been changed.

Due to twigs, rocks and other debris on River Road (Hudson River Drive,) the ride will now leave from Strictly Bicycles and proceed north along Hudson Terrace, then Route 9W up to the Alpine Police Station in Alpine, NJ (about 7 miles).

The ride will still meet at 8:30 am with a prompt departure at 9 am from the Strictly Bicycles parking lot on Hudson Terrace and Myrtle Avenue

The ride will proceed North along Hudson Terrace to Palisades Avenue (also known as Dyckman,) take a right on Route 9W, and proceed north.

When we reach Clinton, we will pick up riders from Tenafly, NJ who will be joining the group. Tenafly riders are expected to either wait for us on Clinton or more than 300 yards north of the Clinton/ 9W intersection on the shoulder.  Those riders will take the lead if they are in front.

We will continue north until we reach the right hand turn to Palisades Parkway Commission headquarters. 

We will turn right and proceed south down the hill about a half mile to the Palisades Parkway Commission headquarters.

There we will stop to give our remembrances of Doug. Anyone will be allowed to speak, and we will wait until the last person has had their say. 

Then the ride will proceed informally up to Piermont, NY and Nyack, NY. Riders are encouraged to continue north in Doug's spirit after remembrances are spoken.

Drivers and others can meet us at the parkway headquarters. There is a parking lot there (which is small). If there is not enough parking you can park further south of the HQ on the side of the road.

Please call 917 723 9017 for questions, or email

Thanks so much everyone, and looking forward to seeing you there.

RULES of the RIDE:

NO MORE THAN TWO ABREAST. Please, we don't want any accidents.

Ride in formation, two at a time.

Wait for the group after lights have split the group.

Please stay within the white line area of the shoulder. If you cannot do this with two abreast, please single up.

Please, please do not ride to the left over the white line in the shoulder unless you look behind first for approaching cars

Please ladies and gentlemen, no racing. We will wait for the slowest rider. You can race your heart out later.

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