Sunday, June 12, 2011

Too Hot on a Bike

Pin up girl on bike painted by Harry Ekman in the 1960's
A few days ago the Gothamist published a story about a visitor from Holland who was allegedly warned that she would be ticketed for wearing a skirt on her bicycle.

A photograph showing her in a very short, flouncy mini skirt suggested that when riding, there would not be much to the imagination--i.e, either full crotch-shot whether wearing under garments or not.

So I am afraid in this matter, we have to side with the police---I mean what was she thinking? After all he didn't give her a ticket, but maybe he saw her riding with full crotch in view!

Unfortunately city code states that indecency whether off or on the bike will not be tolerated. Such as walking down the street in your underwear, a public offense.

I mean what if it was a guy wearing a skirt and flashing his underwear?

Well, we really don't agree with the police. However, it does stand to reason that a little modesty is expected either on or off the bike.

What if you walked down the street letting the wind blow your dress up over your hips every second, without trying to hold them down? It's likely soon someone would be asking you to come home and pose for their new found passion for porno photography.

Still, let's be reasonable folks. That girl was pretty tame if we compare her to other examples in history, like the one above. This rendering is by artist Harry Ekman who painted renderings of pin up girls mostly in the 1960's offers a lot more to think about, (thanks to a posting in Facebook by Ana Amelio Martino.) And we like the bike a lot more too.

While we are at is, we just thought we would mention this site we stumbled across thanks to a Tweet pick up.

On the RidesABike blog you can see all kinds of famous people riding bikes. For now, this is to give cycling legitimacy.

In the future, cycling will give people legitimacy. In fact, that line is already being blurred as we speak.

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Anonymous said...

This was a simple case of abuse of power by intimidation. It is not illegal to ride a bike while wearing a short skirt. Although it seems sort of like a comical event, when you read the article, the policeman did frighten the woman. One of the nice things about biking is that you can do it comfortably in pants, skirt, shorts, etc.

This woman's skirt leaves a lot more up to the imagination than most cyclists' spandex shorts.