Thursday, April 07, 2011

Where Bicycles and Beauty (and Money) Intersect

Charlie Kristine models a KGS/Passoni custom bicycle,
(c) Kevin Saunders
KGS bikes shared with us their latest promotional shots for the hand-made Passoni frames that they sell.

These shots are the tamest of the bunch, too beautiful to pass up. So we ask you dear reader, which is more beautiful, the model, the frame, or you can't say--they both win?

If there was anything better to sell a high end bicycle--these go for between $25,000 and $30,000 each--I am not sure what it is. Other than having Lance Armstrong's sweat all over it, or perhaps the bike he rode to glory on in any of the seven Tour de France wins.

Kevin Saunders, owner of KGS Bikes (who has not provided any incentive to this website to publish this information,) said the photos show the first of the four custom KGS/ Passoni bicycles to come into the United States since he became the stateside dealer.

The owners of the four bikes, two couples, flew to San Antonio, TX, where KGS is based, "found their true bicycle positions, and then [we] used that data to design bicycles specifically for use in the Colorado Rockies," said Saunders.

Saunders said these bikes are built to suit the riders' preferences, in this case to be ridden in the mountains.  Therefore they have more stable steering and longer wheelbases. All of the bikes have Campagnolo Super Record 11 components and Lightweight wheels (by CarbonSports), with tubular tires.

But of course, you're not looking at the model, 29-year-old Charlie Kristine, you're looking at the frame, right?

Charlie Kristine models a KGS/Passoni custom bicycle,
(c) Kevin Saunders
KGS designs about 40 custom Parlee, Passoni and Cyfac bicycles a year.

Though Saunder's shots are a bit racy for some, he is very philosophical about undressing the ladies in bike shots: "We have no problem in this country showing murder and violence in the media, but when it comes to nudity, all of a sudden there is something wrong with it." Indeed. 

Next, can you send in some shots of hot guys holding up their bikes? Oh never mind, attendance at any bike race--especially a cross race-- will take care of that!

Which leads us to our own philosophical question: If everyone paid as much for their bicycle as they do for a car, they'd be a lot more interested in riding their bicycles to work every day. And even much more so with the likes of Charlie Kristine in front of them. 

Kevin can be reached at this email address.  KGS is also on Facebook and just about every other social media site you can think of.

If you're nice, he might share with you some of the other photographs he took, some of which can be seen on Flickr. We won't publish the Flickr address here, because the contents of it makes us blush, but you can email him yourself if you are interested.


Kevin Saunders / KGS Bikes said...

I appreciate the coverage on our custom bicycles. I would like to make one comment, however. The bikes are designed around the owner's position and these particular owners are not competitive bicyclists. The bikes could fare very well indeed in competition if the owners chose to compete.

Custom bicycles look different than production bikes because all people are not S, M, L and XL. Custom bikes are made at KGS based on a bike position that is derived from one's own balance points and our BalancePoint™ system is unique in the world to our knowledge in it's accuracy. The end result, however, can be extraordinarily difficult to build and that is why we choose our premium framebuilders so carefully. Many of these bikes are at the manufacturing limits and yet our framebuilders perform flawlessly every time. So no matter how interesting or unusual the geometry, the owner will interface with the bicycle perfectly and that is what produces the ride of their life.

Anonymous said...

THere was an accident on Buckberg Mt.Rd. Tomkins Cove how is that gentlemen? Was at the intersection when it happened hope he is doing well.