Friday, April 01, 2011

Previous DOT Chief Abducted by Pedicab Bandits

April 1, 2011

One of the pedicab abductors bore a striking resemblance
to current DOT commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, here
pictured at the National Bike Summit in DC in March, 2011
(c) Aaron Marks
A previous commissioner of transportation for the city of New York was abducted by two bandits driving a pedicab today.

BBB was researching the Prospect Park West bike lane when we spottted Iris Weinshall outside her building. As we approached, we witnessed a man and a woman pull up in a M****n R****w pedicab at about 8:30 A.M., grab Weinshall on the arm, and shove her into the pedicab.

One of the drivers was a man and about 5 foot 9 tall, wore wire rimmed glasses and was dressed in a suit and tie. The woman, a tall, slim brunette wearing a black suit was pedaling in high heels:  the two were going as fast as possible, heading for the Prospect Park West bike lane.

Weinshall served as previous transportation commissioner under Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Last month her name emerged in connection with a lawsuit by a group in Prospect Park against the current DOT commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan for the installation of the Prospect Park West bike lane.

The plaintiffs for the lawsuit identify themselves as the Concerned Seniors of Prospect Park, and their spokesperson is Louise Hainline.

Iris Weinshall in a pic as Vice Chancellor at City
College in New York (c) CUNY
Apparently Ms. Hainline had been videotaping activity on the bike lane from her roof and was gathering proof that no cyclists were using it during the winter months, when it was covered with snow and ice, or when it was minus 25 degrees outside (which apparently it was any of, or all three together most of the last four months.)

As Weinshall was whisked along the Prospect Park Bike Lane she was screaming, but no police came to her aid possibly because the two drivers stopped at a red light. Our city's finest nearby were busy ticketing another cyclist who had not stopped at the red light.

As the trio stopped it gave BBB enough time to catch up and the opportunity to ask Weinshall why she was screaming. Was she upset about being abducted?

"No," she said, shaking her head.

Was she upset about being in a pedicab?

"No," she glared.

Was she upset about being forced to ride in the very lane that she didn't think was appropriate for her neighborhood, and would prefer was ripped out?

"No," she rolled her eyes, didn't we realize the media had made a big deal out of something that she barely thought about from day to day?

So then why was she screaming?

Weinshall said her abductors had told her they were taking her to Hainline's house to watch video footage of the bike lane.

Needless to say: April Fools!

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