Sunday, December 05, 2010

Memorial Services Held for NYCC Cyclist

Services were held in Queens today for a member of the New York Cycle Club who was killed by a hit and run motorist on November 29.

Maxim Vickers was riding in Old Westbury, Ct., when he was struck by 20-year-old Priya Nanda, a Plainview college student, who after hitting the cyclist, didn't stop till she got to a Staples where she bought some supplies.

Vickers was pronounced dead at the Nassau University Medical Center at 6:12 pm.

The service celebrating the 59-year-old's life was held at the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Queens according to his younger brother Daniel Vickers, 51.

This is the third NYCC member to be killed by a motorist according to another member who posted to the club's online forum. The other two members were Steve Schuetze and Stan Oldak, said the poster.

Maxim was known to have cycled across parts of Europe, including England and Latvia, and completed Paris-Brest twice, a 1200-km ride that cyclists must complete in 90 hours from Paris to Brest, and then back again.

"Maxim was very active with the NYCC in the '80s and early '90s. Back then, he rode frequently with the 'A' riders, and was a regular at NYCC meetings and social events. In recent years, he preferred to ride alone," wrote Chris Mailing and Arlene Brimer in a joint message to NYCC members.

Vickers was hit from behind by Nanda who left the scene of the accident, but was tracked down by police in a Jericho Staples parking lot. A fragment from the mirror on her car that was damaged in the crash helped police identify the car and driver.

Nanda told police that "the guy on the bike . . . tried to cut me off," that she hit him, and that "I was nervous and kept driving," according to a report in Newsday by Matthew Chayes.

Nanda is charged with felony leaving the scene of a deadly accident. She was arraigned Tuesday at First District Court in Hempstead, and is free on $10,000 bond or $5,000 cash bail and due back in court Jan. 7, said the newspaper.


jt said...

I was recently hit for the very first time in over twenty years of riding thousands of miles a year--and of all the places, in a crosswalk. I'm currently home on Disability for a month following the surgery and predict I will lose the high paying job I just started before getting hit in large part due to the pain I had to go through just getting to work following getting hit.

So even more shocking than my situation is the one of this far more accomplished cyclist getting killed by someone who literally mowed him down and kept going. Per her statement, she has the attitude that she had the right to hit the cyclist because he was in her way.

He 'tried' to cut her off? If it was a car which had been in front of her, would she have thought the same? Would she have hit the car and kept going? Of course not.

Toph A. Loaf said...

The worst part about this is the bail(aside from the hit and run). Is this mans life worth $5-$10,000. Lots drivers feel that cyclists do not belong on the road, even when we obey rules and regulations more than most drivers do. Any cyclist can tell you we HAVE to be much more aware than the average driver. I will bet you $10,000 this driver will get a slap on the wrist and probably not even lose their liscence. Whats even more depressing is there are actually people in power out there, in your cities who feel that cyclists have an "own the road" attitude and can sometimes be too agressive and antagonize drivers. Never in my life have a heard of a thousand pound vehicle being run down by a 150 lb cyclist.

Central Park Fitness said...

you are right, it's been posted recetnly that through shady dealings this case has been pushed off to a judge with a history of letting vehicular criminals off scott free and the accused is taking a plea bargain to a misdemeanor despite essentially acknowledging that she commited a felony. There are some cyclists that ride like idiots, but I'm always stunned by how many people yell at me "get on the sidewalk" when in fact that is illegal. this is a shame

Anonymous said...

Glad to know everyone makes up there minds without any evidence. There was an eyewitness that saw Vickers ride into the passenger sideview mirror and that he was ot wering a helmet. Nice to know that a group committed to safety condemns first but never asks the right questions.