Friday, September 10, 2010

Bike Events Here and out of Town

If you haven't got anything to do but hammer along the same old route this weekend, we have some other alternatives.

BFF Bicycle Bash Street Party, San Diego, Sept. 11.
For one, you could fly your butt out to San Diego tonight and take part in the BFF Bicycle Bash Street Party, an all day affair being held tomorrow, Sept. 11.

Well BBB is so jealous! These lucky people will spend the whole day doing BMX tricks and battling it out in bike polo, racing their wheels off, watching bike movies, and dressing up in bike outfits. Here are some pics from last year's event thanks to Thomas Bike Shop with photos by Jinna of TBS.

More than 22 vendors including bike shops and clubs will be there hobbing it up with San Diego cyclists. The Major Taylor bike club will be there, as well as one that really caught my eye, "The Cretins Bike Group."

Obviously there will be something for everyone at this BFF bash. There will be a 3-hour barbeque and the best dressed "townie" outfit will win a new bike. At 1 pm there are races, at 2 pm bike "games" for prizes, and at 3 pm the movies start. The whole thing ends with a group ride "downtown," followed by "Clean up." The community that rides together, sticks together, and obviously, cleans up together.

Note for all you Fixie Freaks: San Diego has its own strong group of fixies, who appear to be big participants in this event.

The New York City Century, New York, Sunday Sept. 12.
We would be remiss if we did not mention again the NYC Century being held this Sunday. Registration is possible at the start line. If you have never cycled around New York, now is the time to do it, in the company of many like-minded individuals.

The streets will be closed in phases (reminder, don't drive in the city on Sunday if you can help it,) and cyclists will be able to tour the city in a way they should always be able to--without the pressing, smelling, obnoxious noise-making, scary automobiles and trucks all around them.

Billed as the only "all urban" 100-mile bike tour, indeed, the NYC Century takes you all around the outers, including places some of you snobs have never gone, like Queens (except on the way to JFK for your flight to Paris).

But you can also elect to ride a shorter distance, on the 75-, 55-, 35-, or 15-mile routes.  "All routes feature amazing views of New York City with fully stocked rest stops and safety marshals along the course...and links NYC's breathtaking bridges and beautiful parks to its incomparable neighborhoods and famous waterfronts," said the organizers, Transportation Alternatives.

The NYC Century started this ride in 1990 with only 200 riders, but now has on average 6,000 riders from all over the country and the world.

Be ready at 5:30 am if you want to start in Manhattan and ride 100 miles. Registration and ride start is in Central Park on 110th St. and Adam Clayton Powell Jr.  or you can meet with others at Prospect Park in Brooklyn at the Willink Drive near the carousel (enter through the park or at Flatbush and Willink Drive,) at 6 am--with another half hour for sleep!  See the group's FAQs section for start times for the different distances being offered (start later, ride less).

We also told you a couple of weeks ago about two other events being held on Sept. 12th:  The Hole in The Wall Camp rides (there are two, one in Connecticut and the other in upstate New York,) which is a very worthy fundraiser for the organization that hosts children who are medically in a tough spot and need a place to laugh and have fun and feel alive again.

The other is the city-wide Bike Tour of Philadelphia. Too bad it is being held on the same day as New York's Century. I guess the coincidence will really test your faithfulness meter, or your pocketbook. Besides, it's hard to take a bike on Amtrak--it's got to be boxed. Amtrak, get your act together! No wonder you have trouble staying afloat financially, you are out of touch with your constituency! Those with patience can take the cheaper, longer going New Jersey Transit, stop, after stop, after stop.

You'll have to register by tomorrow if you plan on going, but at least the start time of 8 am is a little more doable. Here's their description of the ride:
Bike Philly is a morning of relaxed biking on certified car-free Philadelphia streets. Bring friends to celebrate with thousands of bicyclists of all ages. This once a year event is family-friendly, featuring a car-free 10 and 20 mile loop and a challenging 35 mile option on shared roads. Enjoy the historic beauty of Philadelphia on two wheels and support the Bicycle Coalition's efforts to make the city more livable and sustainable. Make it a weekend of bicycling with the Scenic Schuylkill Century on September 11, an event of the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia.
Yes, you missed it, the Naked Bike Ride In Philly on Sept. 5.  See all the photos from the 2010 and 2009 rides on Flickr.

Photo by Amon Bryn Kilmon

Why couldn't they just combine the two events? Yeah, maybe it is because of all the little kids coming on Sept. 12th. We will be posting pics, with thanks to the picture takers who gave us permission to use them. You can't go anymore, and I am sorry BBB did not let you know sooner, not that you would have taken work off to go down there.

But again, BBB is jealous. Why can't we have a naked bike ride in New York? I mean, are we so concerned about how we look here? I can just imagine, if there was a naked bike ride in New York everyone would be wearing fancy lingerie, including the men.

Next: Bikes as the new fashion accessory, special for Fashion Week in NYC.

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