Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Another Shocker at the Vuelta, Schleck and O'Grady out for Boozing

It's true BBB has not been covering the Vuelta de Espana. It's not that we don't like the Spaniards, but come on, they didn't invite RadioShack to the race.

Not that we really care about RadioShack, honestly, it's just a bunch of guys dressed in coral and gray spandex.

But what is relevant, RadioShack is "the" American team that mainstream Americans are watching. Without them, who the hell cares about the Vuelta a Espana?

Yes, we do care, but you, the audience cares less.

At the start of the big race across Spain, Javier GuillĂ©n, race director said he was optimistic the 2010 edition grand tour would be “spectacular,” even though one of the possible reasons he snubbed RadioShack was to assuage Spain's biggest star and planned participant in the race, Alberto Contador of Team Astana.

But then Contador decided not to come either, and that left the 21-stage Vuelta and the Spanish equivalent of France's Tour de France now without most Spaniards watching the race.

Now the Vuelta is losing more riders, with the Saxo Bank team sending Luxembourg star Andy Schleck home for drinking last night, since drinking is apparently against their rules. Saxo Bank teammate Stuart O'Grady will also be going home, which means possibly now the Australians aren't going to be watching either just because they feel nationally snubbed. Although Schleck is not in first place --he's currently running 13th,  his position in the cycling world, his performance in the Tour de France as second two years in a row, has made him a big star in his home country and elsewhere

Schleck said he was "responsible for my actions," though he added that he thought the decision by Team Saxo Bank boss Bjarne Riis was "too harsh."

Now that we are talking Vuelta--honestly, it's just a race we didn't have time to cover, despite all of our bravado that you wouldn't read it, dear reader--check out their official jersey. It really is one of the best designs I have seen in the jersey market since Cervelo came out with their eponymous "e" jersey (which might be the best selling jersey in the world in 2009/ 2010). We love the simple but modern design, and noticed the hangtag, "Custo Barcelona," the name of a really snappy design company out of Spain. Available for 69.90 Euros on the official Vuelta de Espana website.

But, for men only.

Full disclosure, BBB also has a continued interest in, but we have no problem calling out good design from other companies. Happens that the Custo model uses some of the exact same elements that Hotvelociti will be unveiling in 2011--all by coincidence, though the HV designs of this kind will be for women only.

And thanks dear Anonymous for the edit....That's what I get for being on the phone while I write.

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