Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cyclist Injured by Van Driver in Closter, NJ

July 24, 2010
A male cyclist was sideswiped by a white van on Piermont Road in Closter today, sending him into the curb, and causing him to fall to the ground.

Larry Weinstein, of Edgewater, NJ was traveling north on Piermont Road at about 10:17 am, when a white passenger van passed him and hit him as it came back into the right hand turn lane in front of him.

Weinstein who is in his late 50's or early 60's, was pushed into the curb and fell sideways. He sustained injuries to his left collarbone, and cuts and bruises to his left shoulder, left arm, and both legs.

Officer Nicoletti of the Closter Police Dept. and Officer Brueck of the Closter Accident Investigation Squad responded to the accident near the corner of Homan and Piermont Aves. and interviewed Ross, who was intelligible but shaken.

As he sat on the side of the road, his bike resting on the sidewalk in front of an auto repair store, he told BBB that he was hit on his left shoulder by the van driver.  "The truck kept coming this way, and pushed me, and I went down," he said.

Ross was not aware that he had injured his shoulder and appeared to be in shock.

A worker at the Closter Auto Repair shop directly adjacent to the scene of the accident, witnessed the crash. Peter who did not give his last name, and showing the motion with his hand, said "The car came and hit him on side."

Police at the scene reported that Weinstein had said initially that he struck the back of the van when the van came around him too closely, leaving open to interpretation who was at fault.

The female driver, whose name was not released by police, and who is about age 49, had stopped and parked in the store's parking lot, and was cooperating with police.

Emergency medical technicians responded to the emergency, examined Ross, and took him to Englewood Hospital in Englewood, NJ.

Ross contacted a friend who came to pick up his bicycle.

Over the years, Piermont Road has seen a number of accidents, many of them resulting in serious injuries for cyclists. The road is narrow and lacks a shoulder or signage to warn drivers that many cyclists frequent the road in a common ride from Tenafly, NJ to Piermont, and alternatively, Nyack, NY.

A little over one month ago, another female cyclist and resident of Tenafly, NJ, in her 40's was hit head on by a female driver taking a left hand turn in front of her to enter the gas station in Cresskill, NJ a few miles from the same intersection.  She sustained multiple injuries, including a broken collarbone and a broken elbow.

Last weekend in the Sunday ride from Nyack, NY to Tenafly, NJ a rider fell and was injured along the stretch between Dumont and Tenafly. It is not known if he was taken to the hospital nor the exact nature of his injuries.

About two years ago another cyclist in his early 60's was pushed to the curb by an elderly female driver while traveling south along the same road, near Dumont, NJ. He sustained a broken hip in the accident.

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Available51 said...

Since I am the cyclist who was hit by the van, I offer my experience of what happened. The van knew I was there and passed me to try and get in front of me prior to the intersection. As it moved past me it started moving right too early and struck me, leaving me no room to avoid the van that struck me and the curb that was directly to my right. I went flying and landed directly on my left shoulder. I was in shock and great pain. The driver and passengers neither apologized or checked on me to see how I was doing. In my ten plus years of cycling, I have found that riders care about the environment and about the safety of other cyclists. It is rare that a cyclist who is in need of assistance does not get a multitude of support from passing riders. It seems that automobile drivers often resent cyclists and make offensive moves to either scare or intimidate them. Yes there are cyclists who can ride irresponsibly as pedestrians also are known to do, however rarely do motorists obey the speed limit and forget that we are wearing spandex and helmets. Not an even playing field . Larry West Weinstein