Saturday, December 26, 2009

MTA Workers Steal Seats from Paying Customers

This just in from BBB's underground journal: an MTA worker who can't move his COAT off the seat for a crowded car of people because, well, he just doesn't want to.

When a woman got on the train and asked him if she could sit down, he refused to budge, and pretended to not even notice her, studiously burying his head in the trashy novel he was "reading".

That's why we have increases in the MTA fares, and decreases in service: because of the arrogant self entitled people like him working for the MTA.

He should be fired--for at least the reason that every single time he rides the subway, which is presumably twice a day, he is stealing two seats from paying customers. One for his seat, which he does not pay for, and the second for the seat his coat is on.

If you multiply that times half the payroll of the MTA, voila, there is your budget deficit--all in their big butts and antisocial, self indulgent behavior.


Anonymous said...


"Extra! Extra! Read all about it! New Yorkers are rude!"

Jen Benepe said...

Dear Anonymous:
Did I say he was a New Yorker? No, actually I said he was an MTA worker, taking two seats, neither of which he paid for. This is more than rude, it's taking money out of our pockets every time the fare goes up.
Plus for all we know, he actually lives in Westchester, Long Island, or New Jersey.

Anonymous said...

You should mail this photo and story to the "higher ups" at the MTA. His behavior is disgraceful.

I'll bet that his behavior will change if he knows about this story. That is the great thing about camera's and reporting.

Jen Benepe said...

I should...Should I? I thought maybe the Post would be better, they hate the MTA.