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The Emperor's New Clothes, 5BBC Bash, HV Fashion Show and More

There is so much going on I just don't know where to start!

Okay I just can't help it. Lance got his new kit, you saw it first here (though of course I think it must have hit the airwaves already.) Thanks to Doug Daniele for his sleuth work.

Now, a poll. Please tell me what you think of this new kit (entries below).

Frankly for the many millions of dollars riding on this sports relationship, you would think they would have hired someone who knew what they were doing when they designed this jersey.

Next: real New York gossip, via the Five Borough Bike Club party last Saturday.

It was a cold, dark, rainy, almost snowy night when I trudged my way through the subway system to get to the annual 5BBC party being held in the Woolworth Building.

Today I still have a hangover from the three glasses of champagne I consumed.

Don't ask me why I did that, it may have been because earlier that day I fell and sprained my wrist and finger, and both had blossomed with pain and I walked around the party wearing a massive ice pack on my wrist like a corsage.

Pic: Bob Castro, Noah Budnick, and Beth Katz (Benepe) 

I have never seen such a huge gathering of New York personalities except perhaps at a Woodstock political gathering for a liberal candidate. 

The 5BBC is one of the biggest cycling clubs in New York at almost 1400 members only matched by New York Cycle Club, and Century Road Club Association (the latter is a racing club, ergo, it's a mystery to me why we need two recreational clubs).

Last year bbb missed the party out of sheer bimboism, having bought the ticket but spaced the date. (Now why is that a surprise? )

This year no such error was to be repeated considering all the fun I would be missing and also that my alter ego, that rapacious capitalist Hotvelociti CEO was giving away a jersey in the end of night raffle.

 Steve and Linda Faust

First let me say all the greats of cycling came to the party. That includes Danny Lieberman who leads many of the group rides, in particular the ice cream tasting ride held mid-summer.

Danny started ebikes, the most central and pivotal electronic exchange for cycling politics in New York. He bought me my first glass of champagne and from then on it was downhill.

Nick Asadourian, Ed Bruno, and Deborah Lehrer

There also was Barry Hartglass, program manager for the club who arranged this swanky soiree at Kitchen. At $20 a head in advance it was well worth the price---food was ample, though Lieberman did get yelled at by the owner for starting to put salad on his plate before the rest of the entrees had been brought out.

Danny would not let us forget it until dessert rolled around, and I have to say, I didn't know he was so sensitive! You have to realize though that there is a disconnect between the world of cyclists and the rest of the world: I have never seen so many people so hungry when that food finally arrived. They practically knocked the food right out of the waiters' hands as they brought it to the table, their plates, forks, and knives poised appropriately for the pounce.

One family member who seemed to do very well for herself in the food competition was 3-year-old Isabella Delarosa, who not only jumped to the front of the line before anyone, but also ate all the hors d'oeuvres. Here she is sucking on a lime! Nothing like learning early from older cyclists how to get food fast!

Isabella,  Naylani, and Eddie Delarosa and cousin Kyron Sepulvuda

Dec 1st marks the end of the fiscal calendar for 5BBC, thus also the changeover in board members. So the old and the new were there. Please don't ask me to keep track, because there is no way.

But among them were the greats of the greats in cycling like Steve Faust and his wife Linda, Ed Ravin, Ed DeFreitas (who miraculously won two lottery drawings), Noah Budnick of Transportation Alternatives, Andrea Mercado, Debbie Lehrer and Nick Asadourian, Bob Castro, and so many other personalities that have been defining cycling in New York for decades (in Budnick's case it must have started on the tricycle.)

Lynette Chiang (left) showed off her sprightly folding bike body with a bright red dress. Chiang is a bike blogger and bicycle bag maker as well as a businesswoman. Here is her story on pole dancing.

Scroll down to see the picture of how she did on her first pole. More on pole dancing below.

One couple said they had been members since 1962.

I checked this little factoid with Barry Hartglass and this is what he said:" The 5BBC was formed in 1990 and was an outgrowth of The Metropolitan Bike Committee of The AYH Hostel (dating back to the 1960's).  The 5BBC was part of AYH until I believe 1/1/01 and then became an independent organization."

So then, it HAS been in existence since 1962, just under a different rubric.

There were even members at the party who used to ride, like one who now has to move around in a wheelchair. He doesn't care, he likes the memories, the good company, and the idea of being around a bunch of cyclists.


You're not getting off so easy, buster!

Hotvelociti, the rapacious, capitalist alter ego of BBB, is having a 2010 Collection Fashion Show, Pole Dancing Party and Sample Sale TOMORROW.

Here are the details:

Dec. 9, 2009 at 244 East 51st St., at Haven NY, from 6:30 pm to 9 pm. So far at least 50 cyclists from New York and New Jersey will be there. Don't miss this fun time.

Among the models will be sexy Crisy Roman, a pole dancer who now teaches; fabulous Mai, and sizzling Nicole. Among the men will be Javier, the national champion in triathlons in Dominican Republic (hot! the country I mean.)

There will be no nudity: the POINT is to show off the clothing, remember?

You'll also get to buy Hotvelociti samples at 50% off retail at this event!

Stay tuned for more party news: the next one is Dec. 15th.

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