Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cassell Cause of Deadly Crash Under Investigation

Contrary to mainstream news reports, officers at the Greenburgh police department did not blame Cassell for his crash with the Westchester Bee Line bus on November 6.

The crash that killed Merrill Cassell, 66, of Elmsford, NY is still under investigation said Captain Joseph DeCarlo of the Greenburgh Police Dept.

For that reason he said, they still have not determined what was the cause of Cassell's death, and perhaps if the driver of the bus was careless when he came around him on Route 119 going east. The incident occurred at the intersection of Tarrytown Road and Aqueduct Road, at about 3:30 p.m., not during rush hour said the Captain.

He also noted that the weather was clear and there was good visibility at that time.

Route 119 has four lanes, two in each direction. The roadway is bordered with parked cars, and businesses, and there is no bike lane on either side of the lane.

There also is no extra space, requiring that motorists traveling in the right hand side--as the Bee-Line bus was--must move out into the other lane in order to pass a cyclist.

Capt. DeCarlo ruled out the state of the road and whether a rock or potholes was a factor, or anything else suggesting that it was Cassell who lost control and not the driver who made an error---as some of the media have suggested. "It is still under investigation," he noted, saying that they had not made a determination in either direction.

The Greenburgh Police will also be interviewing passengers who were on the bus, and seeking other witnesses who may have seen what happened.

"Something happened that caused him to fall," said Capt. DeCarlo. But determining what that was, "is part of the ongoing investigation."

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Gerry said...

omg another good samaritan is gone RIP r prayers r with u and yr family we will meet agin CHRIST IS THE RESERECTION AND HE WHO BELIVES IN HIM WILL NEVER DIE