Monday, November 02, 2009

And Now for Something Disgusting (Amid all the Good News, Lance Back in Piermont For A Scone)

A tag is circulating around Facebook for a young cyclist Ashleigh Jackson, 24, who was struck and severely injured by a hit and run driver earlier this year.

The crash occurred on April 19, 2009 in Saratoga, CA. Her boyfriend David Nelson said that a silver BMW passed and struck Jackson in the back of the head, throwing her to the ground. She suffered brain trauma.

Oh and did I mention there is an $11,000 reward for information leading to this deadbeat driver's identification and arrest?

The accident occurred on Highway 9 and Fruitdale Avenue, according to the flyer. Jackson is a member of the Alto Velo Cycling team.

Apparently Ashleigh is better and even riding again as of this posting, but if you have any information about the hit and run driver, please contact the Saratoga Police Dept.

Okay I know it is nowhere NEAR New York or New Jersey but maybe you have a cousin in California? I know I do, and this is one way to let drivers know that their actions will not be forgotten. (Maybe that's why they always seem to be so angry?)

And Now the Good News:

Maybe Armstrong was feeling in a better mood today, because he rode up the Palisades again, this time stopping at Bunberry's in Piermont to talk to all the gawkers and starstruck, among them Raffe, Wilson Vasquez, and Richard Benfield.

I guess Armstrong kind of made up to Benfield who was with me last night when the gatekeepers at the Livestrong auction wouldn't let us in to do some reporting. He not only gave him an autograph, but he also chatted about his ride. Just another guy! Hey, I hope we don't get used to this!

Benfield reports that Armstrong "looks great, as good as a movie star." Hey, that is a good vote of confidence. Gone are the gaunt looks of the TDF, thank God.

PHOTO: Bill Rigler

Armstrong tweeted that he was a Scone-ologist and that Bunberry's cinannmon chip scone was one of the best he ever had.

Said Benfield, "He might be a famous scone-ologist, but he didn't finish it, he left a quarter of it unfinished." That's what happens when you're used to riding hundreds of miles but you only do a measly 40 to Piermont--you just aren't that hungry.

Later Armstrong said the ride along the Hudson is "one of the best in America."

 Now that is a thrill, though we kind of know it already (even though it does get boring after the 11,000th time.)

Armstrong was riding with Bart Knaggs who is his business partner at the Mellow Johnny's bike shop in Austin, Texas.  The two were both wearing Mellow Johnny's gear with the big Texas star in the back.

I have never gotten so many phone calls and emails in the space of five minutes as I did today! Too bad I couldn't be there, I wanted to see which of the seven bikes from the auction he was riding (just joking.)

Wrote cyclists Morene Bangel, "Hi, Jen...I'm a BBB follower and NY cyclist...Lance DID stop in Piermont today (Bunbury)...unfortunately I didn't, but I saw him twice on my ride today...getting off the GWB and on Ft. Washington on my way home! Should I play Lotto tonight???"

My answer? Definitely!


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Please remove the photos of Lance in Piermont. You have no right to use them. Randall K. Wolf Asst. Dir. of Visuals The Journal News / and editor of the Cycling Central blog on

Jen Benepe said...

Hi, that's fine as long as you make sure you give me proper attribution and links to my stories, as with the Camille Savoy story that I broke last year. Please check your stories and your blogs--it's Benepe's Bike Blog,
And i did give you guys attribution...