Sunday, October 11, 2009

Female Cyclist Seriously Injured in Palisade, NY

A 46-year-old female cyclist traveling north on Rte. 9W today was seriously injured when she crashed just before the Oak Tree Road intersection in Palisade, NY.

She was taken to Nyack Hospital in Nyack, NY where she was listed in serious condition.

The cause of her crash has not yet been determined, and the Orangetown Police are asking that any witnesses who might have seen her fall to contact them.

Although Orangetown Police know the identity of the cyclist, they said the incident is still under investigation and her family has not been notified yet.

Officers from the Orangetown Police department, and the Alpine Police Department to the south responded to the accident which occurred around 3:47 pm, and closed off Rte. 9W to vehicular traffic from Oak Tree to State Line about a mile south until about 6:30 pm. The northbound exit off of the Palisade Interstate Parkway was also closed during that time.

 An accident investigation team was also sent to the scene, an indication that there is a possibility the seriousness of her accident could become fatal.

"We are the midst of conducting an investigation, but right now it is not fatal," said Sgt. Sean Russo of the Orangetown Police. Word spread quickly among cyclists in the evening, though early reports that the cyclist had died are false.

Though he could not discuss her injuries, Russo said she was carrying ID, and that several "good samaritans called to alert the police possibly moments after she crashed. "We have not necessarily determined that there was a car involved," said Russo, but he said they were looking for witnesses.

A medical exam will also help detectives determine if the rider was struck by a motorist who fled the scene.

The identification of the cyclist will be made once further progress has been made in determining the cause of the crash.


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