Monday, July 06, 2009

TDF 2009: Stage 3: DuMoulin, Bouet, DeKort and Perez Moreno

Last year's third stage of the Tour was on a cold rainy day, and also there was a breakaway on the road to Nantes, that included rider Samuel DuMoulin (literally, "Of the windwill") of Cofidis.

In 2008 DuMoulin was able to keep his distance ahead of the peleton which averaged 12 minutes, to win the stage, to the great joy of the French population.

This year, DuMoulin and his breakaway mates are ahead by 10 minutes, but the gap is narrowing at 97.9 km down and 98.6 km to go. Yet still the peleton's average speed is dropping to 25.2 km per hour.

So is there a possibility that they might be able to stay ahead? At this point doubtful.

The other riders are Maxime Bouet (Agritubel), Ruben Perez Moreno of Euskatel, and Koen DeKort of Skil Shimano.

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