Saturday, July 04, 2009

Armstrong says Cancellara man to beat: But best time right now

Lance Armstrong has now completed his 15.5 km time trial now through the streets of Monaco. He has come in the fastest so far, 20:12:25 beating Maxime Monfort by 22 seconds.

But there are still almost two and a half hours of racing to come, and some of those riders are expected to be very fast, like Fabian Cancellara, who we predicted yesterday would be the man to beat today.

In Armstrong's time check, halfway through the course is checked in at 11:39 seconds, which is 22 seconds faster than the current faster rider, Maxime Monfort who finished this morning at 20:42:75.

But in an interview before the race on Versus, Armstrong said Cancellara would be hard to beat.

He also said and doesn't mind being one of the first to go off in the time trial, because he is an "old man" now, and is looking forward to going back to his hotel, getting a massage and watching the rest of the race on television.

He is also referring to the big disadvantage he has that he is racing against the times of riders who are not likely to do well in this stage. The best riders will come later.

Carlos Sastre who won last year's tour will be the last rider in this stage.

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