Thursday, June 11, 2009

Woah, Watson's TDF Guide, and Trek Offers Hefty Discount

BBB is reading the new book by Graham Watson, Tour de France Travel Guide.  Watson made himself famous with iconic tour photos featuring not just the pro cyclists in the race, but also the amazing rows of sunflowers along the course which he incorporated in his shots.

You learn in his introduction that as a young lad in the 1970's he followed the Tour on a bicycle, sneaking into camping sites, and sometimes going hungry after a 100 mile day because small French towns shut down after 9 or 10 p.m. 

But most importantly, if you buy this book you will soon learn that you can STILL book a trip to see the Tour de France in 2009, the biggest cycling event in the year, and one that is sure to be a nail biter with Lance Armstrong, seven- time previous winner, coming back with the Astana Team.

So far, it's a great read, (a full review coming).
Watson outlines the tour companies that cover the TDF in the first few pages, and BBB found out that Trek is back doing the TDF as an unofficial tour company. 

No matter the title, they have some fantastic--very demanding--bike tours set up with various levels of luxury and gastronomy offered, plus a meeting with Lance Armstrong.

That's even if he doesn't win!   Full disclosure, BBB is sponsored
 by Trek Bikes, and rides the 2007 women's specific Madone, which is the fastest bike BBB has ever ridden. It took a little while to get used to the WSD fit, but after that, it worked like a charm (and helped me place number one in my category in the first two triathlons I did, and I haven't done any since.) I digress.

So BBB took a look at the Trek site, and lo and behold! Trek has gotten economic fever, and their amazing pro Madone bikes are all on sale, some in a big way!

For example, the men's 5.2 Madone which is really sleek in white with red accents, is $3569, down from $4069 (savings, $500).

Then there's the WSD Madone 6.5  in gorgeous white and red, a bike that made me slobber when I first saw it, original price $6,929, now $4,999. Yikes, that's $1930 in savings.

Finally, check out the men's Madone 6.9 Pro Red, originally $9,129, now $6,299. That's over $2,800 in savings.
This is better than buying a new car! Trek got it, the car companies' products have not gone on sale, and they should. 

Trek is on sale, and they're getting more people on gorgeous machines that they can use well into the future.

Of course, they were pretty damn expensive to begin with, but they're still less expensive than most Colnagos, and I haven't seen a Colnago go on sale lately--have you?

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