Monday, March 23, 2009

Armstrong crashes and is injured

Lance Armstrong has crashed in a race in Spain, and has broken his collarbone, according to the Associated Press.

The seven-time Tour de France winner was pictured looking gaunt and pale in a USA Today article on his accident. His mouth pursed, Armstrong appears to be in pain.

He was competing in first stage of the Vuelta de Castilla when the crash occurred about 12 miles from the finish line, said ABCNews. A spokesman for his Team Astana, Phillippe Maertens, said that Armstrong would be flying back to the United States for surgery on the collarbone.

The 37-year-old cyclist returned to competition in late 2008, and has said he will be riding to raise funds for cancer awareness. Maertens said that Lance can be back on his bike in a month, and ready to ride a race in Italy in May, and the Tour in July. But Armstrong was quoted by the Associated Press saying, "I think for the Tour it's a very big problem."

Apparently, this is the cyclist's first broken collarbone, and he noted that it was very painful.

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