Saturday, December 06, 2008


Many of you are wondering if the ride will be taking place tomorrow.

As of right now at 7 P.M. Saturday night, YES, the ride is taking place.

At 10 PM tonight we will make the call ONLY if a drastic weather report indicates heavy snow. But reports of 30% chance of flurries will NOT cancel this ride. Please check back tonight or first thing in the morning.

It will however, be VERY cold. Please bring an extra layer, and chemical hand warmers. You can expect to have to wait twice, once at the bridge, and again at the location some 5 to 6 miles north.

Again, we are producing three maps to outline the route. Above is the first part of the route, from George Washington Bridge, to E. Palisade Avenue.

If you are late, you can still make it.

At this point, because the markings are very clear you will have no trouble finding the location unless a goblin (either a very wicked goblin or someone who doesn't want to honor Camille) comes and takes down Camille's shrine .

The second part of the map is from Floyd Road and Palisade Avenue, to Sage Road. (see below)

The third map is from Sage Road and 9W (Sylvan Avenue) to the location right near Indian Head Road, and also south of the turn off to Rio Vista Esplanade in
Alpine, NJ. It you are driving you can go straight up 9W to the location. (See last map diagram).

A number of people have contributed to the organization of this ride, and to the honoring of Savoy. Although someone had destroyed the markings set up by us to mark the spot, BBB was touched beyond words (yes it is possible) by the simple, beautiful gestures by his friends and acquaintances to create a memorial for him. BBB refuses to give it away--you will see once we arrive at the site, what they have done.

BBB will also bring a car to the bridge, in case someone has not been prope
rly prepared and needs a ride. There will be room for three bikes and four or five person, with one
responsible driver, (not BBB).

This way if you come and the snowfall is too great to contemplate, you can be one of those who ditches the bike and takes the nice, warm car.

Other surprises will await us at the location. It will be exactly 29 days, perhaps to the hour, that Savoy was hit when we arrive around 10 A.M.

Other notes:
The south side of the bridge is scheduled to be open and cleaned since workers left metal shavings there this morning. If it is closed for some reason, use the north side. Be prepared to walk up and down metal stairs if you do.

Several groups have planned group rides to the bridge. Among
them are:
  1. The New York Cycling Club group, they are leaving from 72nd and Riverside Drive in Manhattan at 8:20 A.M. Please contact Chris Hartmann at for more info or if you want to catch them on RSD.
  2. The Third Nature group, who will be leaving from Teaneck, NJ, at 8:15 A.M. Their address is 1382 Queen Anne Road, telephone 201-833-0009, or visit their website,
  3. NY Velocity team, from New York, NY
  4. Members of the Major Taylor Team, New York, NY
  5. Individual friends of Camille's traveling by bike from the Westchester area (Alfred and Leon);
  6. Strictly Bicycles Team from Fort Lee, NJ
  7. Friends of Camille's who are traveling great distances. Some will ride with us, others will take their cars to the location.
For those driving from the North along Route 87, either cross the Tappan Zee Bridge, get off at Nyack, NY (first exit) and drive south on Route 9W until you reach Alpine, NJ. Continue south past the turn-offs to Closter and Cresskill, NJ, and a couple of miles down you will find us.

OR--you could drive down to the GWB, get off at the first exit to Fort Lee, bear to your right immediately, follow the road in a 180 degree turn, and proceed down hill to Hudson Terrace. We will be starting the ride right there. Take a left onto Hudson Terrace and find a parking spot.

If you are driving from points SOUTH (like from Pennsylvania) take Rte. 95 almost to the bridge UPPER LEVEL. Stay to the RIGHT, take THE LEMOINE AVENUE EXIT, go straight through the first lights and then the second (Center Avenue), the third lights (Lemoine Avenue) then the fourth past the bridge, down the hill and take a left at Hudson Terrace (fifth lights) and find the first parking spot you can find. Hudson Terrace is the very eastern most road next to the Hudson River without going under the bridge and cliffs. We will be several feet past the underpass to the GWB.

We will see you see you in the morning.

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