Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Spot Found, More Details on Savoy Memorial

It was a gray day today with the sun barely appearing when BBB went to meet with Lt. Laviola of the Alpine police department to determine where exactly Camille Savoy was hit.

Savoy was hit by a driver from behind on November 9 while he was traveling north on Rte. 9W. He went through the windshield, then up over the top of the car, and then fell to the ground, according to the latest update from the Alpine police dept. 

Savoy was unable to overcome massive head injuries last Wednesday, Nov. 26, and
his medical team is said to have advised his family that the cyclist would not be able to recover.

BBB walked to a spot that looked about where Savoy had been hit, leaned down and lo and behold, found what appears to be his splintered pump among the leaves. Buried about a foot away, was (ostensibly) his water bottle with some sports liquid still remaining. And not too far from the bottle, lay the broken chain--ostensibly from his bike. 

The proximity of the items, and how shattered they are--the chain ripped off his bike and no longer a circle-- is a testament to how violently Savoy was struck.

Also there was the black grill cover of a car light, and not too far--lay a red car light cover.

BBB created a mini-shrine composed of the little parts which we thought were his, adding long sticks and stones, plus some blue plastic from the road to mark the spot so that passing cyclists can identify the area. 

As BBB draped the silver chain over a tree fragment, it looked ironically like a Christmas ornament. 

For those cyclists who are coming to Savoy's memorial ride (see previous post) on Sunday, Dec. 7 (rain date, Dec. 14) leaving from the GWB at 9 AM, or anyone who wants to place flowers, here is a picture of the closest utility pole across Rte. 9W from his accident spot. 

It is the third utility pole north (on the west side of the road) from the mulch yard.  You should be able to see Savoy's shrine almost directly across the street.  This is just south of the Indian Head Road.

The driver of the vehicle that hit Savoy, Wha S. Kim, 71, of Englewood, NJ, was given a ticket for careless driving, said Lt. Laviola. 

Her driver's license is also currently under review, as well as her driving record, he added. Under these circumstances she will need to re-take her licensing exam he noted. It was not clear if she will be allowed to drive at this time.

It is still unclear from the accident report just how and why Savoy's head was so badly injured, and his bike flattened beyond recognition if he had only been hit once--and only with the right front side of Kim's Subaru. 

The Bergen County prosecutor's office still has not finalized their investigation into the incident. 

Many of Savoy's friends are shocked, hurt and angry at his death. "He was such a sweet man," said his friend and frequent cycling partner Alfred. "I can still hear him talking now. I just can't believe he is gone." Savoy is said to have gone out alone on Sunday because he could not ride on Saturday: normally he does not ride alone, said Alfred.

A note for those of you who are driving to the location on Sunday: Please park as close to the sign just north of the site that reads "Rio Esplanade", and walk south about 100 feet to the marked spot. 

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