Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ride for Camille, 1954 to 2008

Memorial ride for Camille Savoy, 54
Cyclist who was hit on Nov. 9, 2008, and died on Nov. 26th, 2008.
Meet: Sunday Dec. 7th
Raindate: Sunday Dec. 14th
If necessary, second raindate, Sunday, Dec. 21st
Time: 9 AM
Location: New Jersey side of the GWB, Hudson Terrace. For safety please meet just north of the bridge, on the grassy area off the road.
Length: Approximately 6 miles to the location, and then on to Piermont, NY and back (roundtrip is 30 miles).

You are not required to do the entire ride, and the return from Piermont will not be organized or in formation. 

Ride will leave once all people have arrived, approximately 9:15. However we do ask that you arrive on time because people of different abilities will be represented and we would like to organize the ride so that we are riding two by two. 

We will also at that time go over the route. Please if you plan on coming, a strict two-abreast policy will be requested. 

The ride will go at the speed of the slowest rider, so PLEASE be patient, and respectful if you are a fast rider. 

Several very nice and accomplished people many of whom have had a number of years of experience with memorial rides and with ride management, have agreed to lead the ride or assist in its safety, including Leo Parascondola, Charles Komanoff, Richard Rosenthal, and dear friends of Camille, Jon Diamond, Rob Glick, and others who will be added to this list at later edits. At the time of this writing, Capt. Tim Ford of the Fort Lee police dept. who is a rider with Strictly Bicycles, might also be riding with us.

There will be a 15 minute memorial service where people can speak publicly about Camille at the location where he was hit. Please dress warmly or bring a light jacket to cover yourself when we are stopped.

There will also be some cars that will be driven to the location for those who do not ride. Parking arrangements near the spot will be arranged with the Alpine police dept., Please contact Jon Diamond, who is organizing car rides, jsdiamond@gmail.com

The Route
  • Hudson Terrace North, to Palisades Avenue
  • Left on Palisades Avenue straight through the light to Floyd,
  • Right on Floyd.
  • Floyd almost to end, then 
  • Left on Van Wagoner Drive*, and right again on Johnson Avenue to Sage (past the ball yards), 
  • Right on Sage to light.
  • Then left on 9W to the location (this will be posted tomorrow.) For reasons of safety, the group will hold traffic at this light to make sure everyone can pass or will re-gather just north at 9W where there is a shoulder.

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