Sunday, November 23, 2008

Savoy's Condition Still In Flux: Details of Other Crash Coming to Light

The cyclist who was felled by a car two weeks ago today, is still in critical condition at Hackensack Medical University.

Camille Savoy, 54 who was struck by a motorist on November 9, is in a medically-induced trauma. He sustained severe head injuries in the crash, despite having worn a helmet.

Friends have theorized that after being sent through the windshield by the motorist, a 71-year-old woman, he may have gone over the top of the car and hit his head again.

Family members and friends of Savoy have been streaming in to the New York, New Jersey area. Many are looking for places to stay. If you have a couch or a free bedroom for them to stay for a couple of days, please email

Cards can be sent to the hospital in his name: The Hackensack University Medical Center, Patient Camille Savoy, 30 Prospect Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601.

Meanwhile, details of another crash that took place that weekend, on Saturday, November 8, are coming to light.

A couple riding a tandem on Orangeburg Rd. near Blue Hill were clipped by a woman driving an SUV. The driver went close around the couple and turned in front of them, hitting their bike and throwing them to the ground, said witnesses.

As the lead rider lay on the ground, unable to move, his wife lay a few feet away, unconscious, blood streaming from a gash in her head, and through her nose. The driver left the scene of the crash.

Both riders, a couple in their late 40's were injured, he with a broken hip, and she with a smashed collarbone.

Witnesses to the crash said the driver, a woman, is quoted by witnesses to have said on her return that it was not her fault that the two riders had been hit.

She was not ticketed, even though under New York state law, it is a crime to leave a scene of an accident.

Apparently the woman and the police officer knew one another: they kissed good-bye before she left, said witnesses.

BBB was unable to obtain information from the Orangetown, NY police department, who would not comment on the crash.


Anonymous said...

Looks to me like that accident occurred in NY, not NJ.

Anonymous said...

Orangetown's website and contact information doesn't seem to be working. Big surprise.

Martin said...

Wow. This should be investigated. She left the scene AND kissed the officer goodbye. No ticket. No investigation.

What a burn.

Anonymous said...

I just called the Orangetown Police dept and they confirmed that NO report is filed for this accident! It is as if it never existed!!!!!