Monday, November 10, 2008

Identity of Fallen Cyclist Now Known

The cyclist who was hit by a motorist yesterday while traveling north on Route 9W was revealed as Camille Savoy, 54, of New York City, said Captain Beckmann of the Alpine, NJ police dept. Savoy's family has been notified

The cause and circumstances of the accident are still under investigation, said Beckmann. But riders who passed the accident scene yesterday were confronted with a crushed bicycle and littered personal effects of Savoy's bike jersey.

Savoy is listed under critical condition at the Hackensack University Medical center's trauma unit. 


Van Gothner said...

Camille Savoy is a very dear friend with whom I have often ridden. As of this writing I understand that he is in a medically induced coma and is expected to pull through, however, his condition is critical and was at best uncertain last night. Family members are enroute from Europe.

All of us who have shared Camille's friendship are keeping him close to us at this time and praying for a full recovery.

Jen B, said...

Van Gothner
Can you tell us what happened in the accident? And when you say medically induced, that means they are keeping him that way for medical reasons?
Also can you tell us or me more about him? Everyone wants to know
Please email me at

jodi Shays said...

Camille Savoy is a wonderful man. Full of life, love and hilarity!
He is being sent love and prayers from his devoted friends in Los Angeles. Camille! We need you and we love you!
Jodi, Alexandra and Ana.

Anonymous said...

Camille is an amazing athlete and wonderful person. He has been like a part of my family for as long as I can remember, and now my three boys adore and admire him as well. I ask that everyone who knows Camille or someone like him send thoughts of healing to him. I believe that it makes a difference. Love, Strength, Healing to Camille and his family. DD,Ben,Matt,John

Anonymous said...

I heard the Alpine Police are going to charge the cyclist? Can anyone confirm this? Maybe that Lieutenant would know?