Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More on Critical Mass Fracas: Could officer face criminal charges?

The press has been working overtime to divulge the police officer's behavior at last Friday's Critical Mass, when he pushed Christoper Long to the pavement, and then lied about it on his official NYPD report.

The officer was apparently a 23-year-old rookie, and there is no word yet about why he acted as he did.

If he doesn't get fired for his inappropriate behavior, he certainly will get fired for lying on his official report. Lying on a government document being used to document a criminal charge may also constitute fraud.

Therefore, I predict that not only will the rookie face civil charges from the cyclist, Christopher Long, he might also face criminal charges for lying.

Besides the video camera, there are a number of witnesses who were behind Long who saw the whole thing. Some of them have spoken privately behind the scenes and are aiding in Long's defense. Others were actually quoted in the press.

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This post by NY-1 News, added some new info:

Apparently the NY police union has come to Officer Patrick Pogan's defense, saying he asked the rider to stop because he was riding erratically.

But upon viewing the video, Mayor Mike Bloomberg said he thought the officer was out of line:
The police union is coming to the defense of that officer. President Pat Lynch of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association said Officer Patrick Pogan “took action” when he observed the rider creating a “hazardous situation for the public.”

Lynch, who was unavailable for an on-camera interview, issued a statement saying the video shows the rider did not stop, like "any reasonable person" when approached by the officer.

But Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday it looks to him like Pogan crossed the line.

“It looked to me to be totally over the top and inappropriate, but the police commissioner is going to or is in the process of doing an investigation. I don't want to prejudice any investigation,” said Bloomberg.

And, on the story about Seattle Critical Mass, some riders chime in.
And scores of other stories on the Seattle mess

Some of this is sure to cause controversy.

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Anonymous said...

He will never work as a cop again.. all they have to do is show the vid, show his statement and you will never beable to trust his statements again