Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Ride Gossip: Lance Sighting!!! And NYC is Getting Better all the time

Okay so when you get to ride with a couple of people on the weekend, you pick up some news: Lance Armstrong sightings!

Lance was not only seen but allegedly rode with one of our townies along the Rte. 9W to Piermont, well traveled route on either Tuesday or Wednesday of last week. In addition, he apparently slowed down enough so our New Jersey based friend could keep pace with him.

Was he visiting Sheryl Crow, his crooning ex? No, allegedly he now has an apartment in New York and is living here full time!

Can anyone please confirm that allegation?

And if true, then could that mean he might soon open another bicycle shop in addition to his new shop in San Antonio, Texas? Please tell me this is a possibility Lance, we need all the help we can get to promote cycling in the region.

The Lance sighting probably means that a lot more of you will be playing hooky this summer during the day in the hopes that you can run into the fabulously famous and handsome biking dude who won all our hearts when he won the Tour de France seven times in a row.

Hey, can you match that kind of dedication, focus and resolve? also recently got updated with all kinds of rides and ride schedules, as well as links to some hot new electronic media!

For example, did you know that there is a site now, that provides mapping for bike rides in New York City? It's a non-profit run by three enterprising people who have their hearts in cycling and still have day jobs!

Today we really have reason to rejoice about cycling in New York City. For one we have a great mayor who is finally putting some emphasis on making the city green, and a great new Department of Transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Kahn.

Since Mayor Bloomberg announced a number of anti-congestion incentives and since Sadik-Kahn took over at DOT, there have been a rash of cycling improvements city wide.

Today I also noted a whole new generation of new electronic, web-based tools and guides for cycling, a number of them newly minted by the DOT.

They include, a bicycle route installation schedule, and a special page addressing the transportation needs of cyclists.

Not only that since I began my search for bike event calendars, I found a whole new generation of websites dedicated to cycling emanating from NYC, including Charlie McCorkell's calendar, and blogs dedicated to the LOVE of cycling. These are all listed now on the NYCyclenews Bike Calendar page.

Included there is a listing for Glen's Montauk Ride. If any of you know the history behind that, the Five Boro Bike Club hosts their ride on May 18th and Glen's goes off this month on the 21st.

If you recall, Glen and the 5BBC had a falling out two years ago over the administration of the Montauk Century which was managed by him and sponsored by the club. They eventually settled out of court in a confidential agreement, but both sides still have bruised feelings on the topic. My advice, go to both rides, you'll have fun and you'll take off some weight--both physical and spiritual.

I think now that New York is finally becoming more bikable, it's time for us all to make up and be friends again.

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