Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Lance Sightings

My last blog (see below) about rumors of Lance sightings were quickly followed by calls from the first hand reporters.

Though unwilling to be revealed publicly for this article, the New Jersey-based rider said (through his wife) that he encountered Armstrong south of Piermont, on Rte. 9W. He saw the group up ahead, and not knowing who they were, caught up with them, only to find it was Armstrong riding with a "beautiful blond woman dressed in white," who "seemed to know what she was doing," on the bike. Four or five other men were riding with the woman, whom he could not identify.

When they approached the intersection in Palisade, NY, just north of State Line, Our Informant powered up the hill going 15 mph past Armstrong and the beautiful blond, and at the top of the hill found Armstrong right behind him.

OI said they rode together nearly to Clinton (about 8 miles) talking about his dog (OI named his dog "Lance" after Armstrong, to which Armstrong replied, "I hope it isn't a Chihuahua, because I don't like those kind of dogs.")

Armstrong was riding a checkered yellow and black Trek, and a yellow Livestrong helmet. They also discussed cycling in Italy (OI returned not too long ago from a two week stay riding in the Alps. They talked about Max Lelli and Fontanelli);and Armstrong described how he had taken his son to Yankee stadium to "pull the lever" for the game. Finally, they discussed the music biz, said OI.

When OI returned home, he told his excited family whom he had ridden with, but he still could not identify the beautiful woman that was riding with Armstrong.

OI's teen aged daughter said, "I bet it was Kate Hudson," and she went to the Internet and brought up a photo and sure enough, it was Hudson.

Okay, enough gossip. That wasn't the only Lance sighting, I was told. Another New Jersey cyclist ran into Armstrong last week.

And it was only by mere coincidence that I wrote his name and spoke about the progress the city is making in cycling: ONLY today it was announced that the city will be closing one long street-way--sort of a long extension of Park Ave. from 72nd Street to the Brooklyn Bridge, for three Saturdays in August from 7 am to 1 pm, as a sort of experiment.

In a photo in today's New York Times discussing the measure, Mayor Mike Bloomberg is pictured with DOT Commish Janette Sadik-Kahn, Armstrong, and other well known faces. We also learned that there will be a yellow bike program --that is, free bikes for the using--associated with the program.

According to another report, NY State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver manuevered a yellow bike program in lower Manhattan this summer which started last Friday, the 13th and is dubbed Bike Around Downtown Bicycle Sharing Program.

So this city is finally becoming livable, after all these years.

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