Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cyclist Killed in Midtown

The NY Daily News reported that a 54-year-old man was killed by a DHL truck on Wednesday night.

His identity is being witheld pending notification of his family, said police.

Apparently the cyclist was riding on W. 36th St. when he collided with the truck from behind.

The report is unclear as to whether the truck side-swiped him, or stopped suddenly in front of him, squeezed him to the side, or in the more typical scenario, turned in front of him.

Although the report says the cyclist "lost control," that type of scenario supports that he was struck by the truck as it passed him.

His family should be well-advised to get a full report of the point of impact of the cyclist to the back of the truck, and to interview witnesses in the area.

Amazingly, the NYDN may have learned that to talk about whether the cyclist was wearing a helmet is not appropriate and only stated that a nearby witness
Maritsa Ruiz, 28, said "the cyclist was bleeding heavily from his head."

The man died at Bellevue hospital.

Full report here.

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