Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Museeuw Bike Using Flax to be Distributed in U.S.

Okay I have heard flaxseeds for health, flaxseed oil for nutritional supplements, but flax for bicycle manufacturing?

Check this out: "Flaxseed oil is rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an essential fatty acid that appears to be beneficial for heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis and a variety of other health conditions. Flaxseed, in addition to ALA, contains a group of chemicals called lignans that may play a role in the prevention of cancer." So says the University of Maryland Medical Center

Well little do they know it would be used in more than one way to prevent heart disease: now you can get a bicycle made partly with flax, the plant that is used to make flaxseed oil.

Velcon Sports, located in Concord, MA. will be distributing Museeuw Bikes, flax-carbon racing bikes, they said in an announcement released today. Museeuw bicycles are named after classics racer Johan Museeuw. Museeuw is known as the "Lion of Flanders", former World Champion and three-time winner of the Paris-Roubaix race, which is raced over cobblestones.
They also said the patented material "adds shock absorption to the stiffness, strength and lightness of high performance composite frames."

Two models of the Museeuw range will be stocked for the US market, the MF-1 and the MF-5. .

The MF-1 model is handcrafted in Europe from tubes with 40-50% flax fiber and the rest 3K HM carbon fiber, while the MF-5 model comprises 80% flax fiber and 20% 3K HM carbon fiber. Both models have 100% 3K HM carbon fiber lugs and 50% flax, 50% HM carbon fiber forks.

A track frame, the MF-3 Pista, and a cyclocross frame, the MF-3 Cross, will be available on special order

Museeuw Bikes received an iF Product Design Award for 2008 from the European industrial community.

Museeuw Bike products can be viewed at, and

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