Friday, November 23, 2007

What some people did for Thanksgiving

Pictured: The Waywayanda Thanksgiving Ride, by Mike Ala (see story below)
One thing I love about cyclists, they use the peace and serenity of Thanksgiving to hit the road. Yesterday I made sure I got my 40 miles or so in with a habitual trip to Nyack. I turned around at River Road and one of the cross streets in Nyack because I wanted to stop in Piermont. But when I got to Bunberry's I found it was closed, with other cyclists turning up, and disappointment registering on their faces.
But the main Korean-owned small food store was open, and many people had stopped there. I engaged in conversation with several people there, in the wonderfully balmy, 60 degree weather. On the way back I cut through Tallman Park which was covered with beautiful yellow leaves. A dream of a day.
This is what was so great about riding on Thanksgiving: I have never seen so few cars on the road, not even on a Sunday. It made me feel safe and peaceful. This is what every day should be like, and this is what we should be working towards, all of us.
Photos by Mike Ala and gang

Here also is what a wonderfully crazy group of mountain bikers did on Thanksgiving. Check them out. Here is what Mike Ala wrote:
What a great day for a ride last weekend we had snow today the temps got up to 60.
The warmer temps made for a great turnout I would say about 40+ riders. As Usual the rides split into different skill levels so that everyone has fun. Found a new trail today as I have on previous rides (one of the things I like so much about this ride) It was a rocky ridgeline that was made a little more difficult by the rain that we had overnight.
Our route started out on the race course going backwards (riding past the dam) then going up a climb (on the GPS you will see that we went up a bit then turned around there was a little confusion over which route we were going to take) There was plenty of climbs and rocky sections, some technical crossings made up of rock bridges and logs. Some really fun descents and a few Oh S#@* ones that got my adrenaline up. Overall a great ride.

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