Monday, November 19, 2007

In Memory of Sam Hindy

Sam Hindy, computer engineer, dies at 27: A memorial service will be held tomorrow, 6:30 p.m. at Picnic House in Prospect Park.

Jennifer Maloney writes in Newsday today: "Sam Hindy's passions took him on an unusual career path. In high school, his in-line skating stunts won him a sponsorship from Rollerblade. Passionate about theoretical physics, he explained string theory to his parents over dinner. After spending a year working at his father's brewery, he finally settled on a degree in computer engineering."

See the rest of the story at Newsday.

Sam died last week after cycling onto the motorist section of the Manhattan Bridge.

A discussion took place at a cyclist party held in Brooklyn last night. A representative of Transportation Alternatives was there: he refused to give an account of how Hindy died. It was not clear if he did not know the story, or just did not want to share it.

Whether it is the newspapers, or the city that tells us, it is important for the cycling community to know how Hindy died. A full accounting of how the accident occurred is owed to his family, and to others who cared about him, as well as to future users of the bridge who cross with a bicycle.

Stories abound: he used the roadway because the bike lane was closed. He couldn't find the bike lane. He became disoriented when cars tried to get him off the road, honking furiously behind him, turned backwards, hit the railing, flew over the top, and down to the next level where he was struck several times by oncoming traffic. Another story says he tried to turn back after being accosted by furious drivers, and was struck, and sent over the railing to his death below.

Whatever the event, whatever the conditions, we need to know how and why he died.

A memorial service will be held tomorrow, Tuesday November 20, at 6:30 p.m. at Picnic House in Prospect Park.

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