Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cyclist Hit by Car at Tallman, 9W Intersection

An unidentified cyclist was hit head on by a motorist at the turn from 9W to Tallman Park and Piermont at around 11 a.m. this morning.
The cyclist was traveling by himself, he told BBB.

At the scene of the accident, two police cars had blocked off the northbound traffic lane, while paramedics spoke to the cyclist who lay on the ground face down, not moving.

It was not clear whether the driver of the car, a green four-door sedan, had struck the cyclist as he was turning off the side road, or whether the driver had tried to execute a left hand turn into the Tallman road from the southbound lane as the cyclist was traveling northbound down 9W.

Picture of Tallman State Park near the Hudson River

However, the entire front window of the vehicle was shattered, and it was clear from the indentation on the glass that the cyclist's body had hit the glass, and then fallen to the pavement.
None of the officers on the scene could offer an explanation yet for the accident, and two paramedics tended to him by asking if he could feel his foot and other limbs as he lay unmoving.

A large stain of water, possibly either from an exploded water bottle, or from the cyclist's mouth, was evident on the pavement near where he lay, in the middle of the northbound lane.

Later it was reported that the injured man, dressed all in black, had been moved to a stretcher.
BBB asked the cyclist if he wanted friends or family to be contacted but he said he preferred to call them himself later.

The weather at the time was about 40 degrees, but visibility at this intersection was poor due to sharp sunlight angles and shadowed areas on the road.

This intersection as well as the intersection at 9W just south of stateline, are known for the large incidence of motorists turning left from the southbound lane, and are particularly treacherous according to cyclists. Cyclists are gaining speed from the decline of the road at both intersections, making any impact particularly deadly.

BBB has witnessed another head-on accident this year when a cyclist with the right of way traveling north was hit by a southbound motorist taking a left had turn onto Palisades Parkway south.

Cyclists report that despite the fact that they are traveling downhill at speeds of between 25 and 40 mph, many cars try to "beat" them to the turn, and take the turn in front of them.

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