Monday, November 12, 2007

9W Struck Cyclist Okay, Seeking Witnesses

The cyclist who was struck by a motorist on 9W on Sunday and sent to the hospital with leg injuries has survived and is now seeking witnesses of the accident. (See stories one and two below and for full story)

According to the cyclist, who was traveling south on 9W, he made a motion to make a left turn and was completing the turn when he was struck.

An unidentified witness on the scene said the driver of the Toyota was trying to pass the cyclist when he struck him.

Indeed, the location of the vehicle in the roadway facing south was about three quarters of the way into the northbound lane, supporting the notion that the driver tried to pass the cyclist as he was turning left.

The cyclist said he was preparing to make the turn, looked behind him and saw sufficient space, and as he was making the turn, was struck.

He says he is in a lot of pain, but without permanent injuries.

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