Wednesday, January 10, 2007

One Less Ghost Bike Reported

Photo by Mike Pidel. Jan. 10, 2007--

One of the victims of a car-bicycle accident, Ivan Morales, 62, was declared alive today, according to a posting to e-bikes by Josh Gosciak.

He wrote: " This comes from organizers of the memorial ride, via

It has come to our attention, at the NYC Bike Coalition, that one cyclist who we memorialized on Sunday, is alive and well!!

This mistake could not have made us happier.

Ivan Morales, who was struck by a motorist on Jan 9, 2006 was prononced dead at the scene, on Shore Road in City Island, The Bronx. He was later revived in the hospital, spent months recovering and has gotten back on his bike. He turned 62 this year.

Once again, this points out how the city's records are a mess. It is incredibly difficult to attain accurate information on cyclist and pedestrian deaths in this city.

Thanks to the diverse group of cyclists who participated. Messengers, activists, commuters, mothers, daughters, spandex-clad triatheletes, old, and young. Only together, with pedestrians will we see great changes on the streets on NYC. "

Thanks Josh and Indymedia for bringing this to our attention. One more cyclist, one more bike, one less car.

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