Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Southern End of River Road Closed Beginning April 5: BBB Archive, 4/06/06

Cyclists to Walk Bikes Down Dyckman
April 6, 2006--The southern portion of Henry Hudson Drive, more commonly known as River Road will be closed for repaving this week. As a result, the southern entrance at the border of Edgewater and Fort Lee will be closed to cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles. Because the repaving only extends to Ross Dock, cyclists who want to ride north on the drive will be alllowed to walk their bicycles down the next northern entrance at Palisades Ave. (Dyckman Hill). You can get back on your bike once you reach the gates at the turn to Ross Dock.
Bike riding is not permitted at this entrance, and if you do so, you risk getting a $50 ticket, points on your driver's license (if you have one), and a nasty, 8-hour day in PIPC court in Alpine, NJ.
Tactics such as trying to evade officers who often park in the first turn of the road (which can't be seen from the top of the entrance), or giving fake names and claiming you don't have an ID generally don't work. They'll ask for your social security number if you don't have ID, and will be able to access a great deal of information about you from their dashboard computer.
Affecting the portion of roadway from Fort Lee to Ross Dock circle, the repaving is well overdue, with cyclists (and drivers, as well as park workers) complaining over the years of the poor road quality, including potholes, huge variegated sections of concrete, and other hazards that have pocked the road which leads from the southern edge of the real RIver Road near the border of Fort Lee and Edgewater. The project is expected to last about one week, until Wednesday April 19.
Jim Hall, Superintendent of the New Jersey section of Palisades Interstate Park Commission, said in an interview conducted last year that PIPC had been hoping to repave the road for years, but due to budget considerations was unable to do so until now.
A clever negotiating tactic on Hall's part brought about $200,000 in funding to PIPC, in the form of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, who needed access to the George Washington Bridge during the latest strengthening of the bridge's cables to withstand a potential bomb blast.
Photo courtesy of NJ PIPC

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