Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Police Enforcement Stepped Up, June 13, 2006

Police Enforcement Against Cyclists Stepped Up
June 13, 2006--Reports of increased police ticketing of cyclists have recently surfaced in the city. One cyclist, Doug Aaronson received a $90 ticket for riding the wrong way on a one-way street. Cyclists are warned to obey traffic rules at all times, or risk similar penalties.
Enforcement was also up on River Road in Piermont, NY last weekend. Another cyclist, who requested anonymity, was not aware of the single file only rules that the towns of Piermont and Grandview have been enforcing along the narrow road that connects Piermont to Nyack, NY. More than 1,000 cyclists travel the road on weekend days, and police officers hide behind bushes waiting for them to come along riding two abreast.
The local law is announced with informal looking yellow signs that cyclists have said look hand made. Experts have argued that the local law is not consistent with NY state vehicle law that allows cyclists to ride two abreast unless road conditions or a passing car, require that they go single file. The local law has not yet been challenged but some other observers note that under certain circumstances, and with permission from the state, a local town can make an exception to state law.
Reports of cyclists being ticketed for not wearing helmets have also been circulated, particularly in the Rockland County and along River Road in New Jersey. Rockland County has a helmet law, and River Road is in Palisades Park, which is subject to the rules and regulations set up by the park's administration.

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