Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How People Get Around: Fully Loaded and Bike Fridays,BBB Archive 5/05/06

May 5, 2006--A picture gallery detailing how people move long distances on their bicycles while carrying as many belongings as possible is on display at a quirky site by a man who identifies himself only as Ron. One picture in the Bike Friday section shows a woman with two Bike Fridays posing with her tiny tot daughter dressed in a green Mackintosh and ocelot print pants.
In the Fully Loaded section, scores of bikes laden down with bags and other accoutrements are pictured mostly without their owners, parked against a sidewall, utility pole, or road guard, with a stupendous mountain range in the background. The images may be suggesting, "I climbed this mountain with all this stuff hanging off my bike."
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